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The ability to mix, homogenize, emulsify and induce powders in liquids is demanding. Whether its continuous flow or batch production, PerMix offers solutions to your needs. From mixing immiscible liquids to induction of powders into liquids, we can offer a wide range of products to meet the most demanding needs.

Each brochure details the features and applications of each liquid mixer type. There are multiple size, power, and capacity specification options to choose from when considering the best mixer for your business.

PerMixPerMix PDA Continuous Vacuum Deaerator
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PerMix has years of experience in the paste industry. Our engineers have developed multiple comprehensive projects in this field, from conceptual engineering to turnkey plants. Mixing highly viscous products? Not a problem, our solutions can adapt to meet your current and future requirements. We offer several mixer options, including planetary and multi-shaft mixers designed for high viscosity mixtures that reach up to 1,500,000 centipoises (cPs), and our Sigma mixers that reach above 500,000 cPs and are able to combine compression, stretching, folding, and kneading.

Each brochure details the features and applications of each paste mixer type. Consider the types of materials to be blended, homogeneity requirements, and efficiency in order to select the perfect mixer with the ability and processes capable of meeting your mixing needs.

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PerMixPerMix PVC Universal Vacuum Processor Download
PerMixPerMix PVC Universal Vacuum Processor Emulsion Mixer Download

Ingredient mixing and preconditioning are important prior to production. Whether you're mixing ingredients to speed up production needs, or just keeping stored inventory cool from settling, our mixers will get the job done. The need to have a diversified solution to your mixing needs is important. Having a diversified blender allows your production line to remain flexible, responding to today's needs and tomorrow's demands. As a result, PerMix has the best mixer for your process with a wide variety of mixers that are used in the industry, such as Ribbon Mixer, Paddle Mixer, V-Blender, Double Cone Mixer, and Fluidized Zone Mixer.

Each brochure details the features and applications of each powder mixer type. These mixers are designed to consider external factors such as temperature, particle size, and surface area of the ingredients being mixed.

PerMixPerMix PTU 3D Mixer Download
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PerMixPerMix Double Cone Mixer Brochure Download
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PerMixPerMix PFB Fluidized Bed Mixer Download
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