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PerMixHigh-Quality Plow Mixers - Discover the Best Plow Mixer for Your Product Needs

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PerMix Plow Mixer

PerMix Plow Mixers lead the industry in technology, performance, and value. PerMix Plow Mixers are available in two types, Horizontal Plow Mixers and Horizontal Plow Mixer / Dryers. Both our Plow Mixers as well as our Plow Mixer / Dryers are available in capacities from 1 liter to 30,000 liters, and have options that are endless


PerMix Low Mixer models are high-efficiency mixers that provide a low/medium shear effect on ingredients why aggressively mixing.  Plow mixers are one of the most diverse mixers available as they can be used for blending dry, powdery, granular, fibrous, and moist solids and liquids together with pasty products up to and including highly viscous products.  For a less aggressive mixing type with better shearing and resizing effect, see our Paddle Mixer models

Along with being very diverse because of the products/ingredients they can mix, they are also very versatile in regards to different processes needed, such as compounding, fine mixing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, deaerating, tempering, accelerating chemical or physical reactions, granulating, breaking down agglomerating & more…

PerMix plow mixers are available in numerous configurations, including:

• Horizontal Plow Mixers & Mixers/Dryers



The PerMix Plow Mixers unit consists of one electrical motor, one reduction gear, coupling, and shaft with an agitation that has plow liked shaped attachments that collide with ingredients causing a multi directional response that mixesproducts quickly. The shaft is sealed with bush & PTFE gland housing at both ends.

Materials are loaded from top side, and the discharge is located at the bottom side in the center or end, depending on production needs, either batch type or continuous. The discharge height can be adjusted as per requirement, so that material gets discharged into the container below it without floating dust.


PerMix Plow Mixers consists of one electrical motor, one gearbox, and a shaft with plows located in a O-shaped vessel.

The plowsare designed in such a way that the powder materials are guided to move from the two ends of vessel to the center, and meanwhile from center to both ends, and over, until batch is mixed thoroughly.

In addition Plow Mixers also lift the ingredients into the air, mixing them in a “fluidized zone” then allow them to drop back down. In such a three-dimensional way, the total powder can be mixed fast in the vessel. It asks for a short mixingtime and relatively low power consumption.


The PerMix Horizontal Plow Mixer / Dryers have the same mixing principle as our Horizontal Plow Mixersbut add the ability to add an external jacket that allows for heating & cooling of products inside the mixer while mixing.

The heating & cooling allows for precision control in temperatures and aids in the drying process.  It can also be used to control chemical reactions that may take place during mixing.  In addition to adding a jacket, the Plow Mixer / Dryers can also be equipped with internal vacuum.  Theses features all allow the PerMix Plow Mixer / Dryers to remain versatile & efficient mixing solutions.


The PerMix Hybrid Plow Mixer / Dryers have the same mixing principle as our Horizontal Plow Mixers & Plow Mixer / Dryers but add the ability for the operator to change agitation type with ease, switching from paddle to plow, or even segmented ribbon.


Plow Mixer Powder Mixing Configurations:
Food flavoring/additives, Sponge/cake mixes, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Powdered rubber.
Plow Mixer Paste Mixing Configurations:
Biscuit creams, dough, PVC pastes, Car body fillers/putties, Sugar/marzipan paste, Toiletry pastes, Tile adhesives and grouts.
Plow Mixer Mixing Of Wet Slurries:
Filter cake re-slurrying, dough, Fiber glass resin dough putty.

Wet granulation,Liquid coating of powders and granules,Fat and oil incorporation,Vacuum drying,Hot air drying.


  1. High level of accuracy with minor component ratio to be 1:100,000
  2. The ability to choose gentle or aggressive mixing styles
  3. The ability to add heating / cooling, with or without vacuum
  4. Quick & efficient mixing of either batch or continuous mixing under dry or wet mixing
  5. Easy to clean in either dry or wet applications
  6. High heat transfer rate, ideal for heating or cooling process of the powders
  7. Chopper can be installed for intensive mixing and lump breaking
  8. The ability to change agitation styles in our Hybrid Plow Mixers


  1. Plow Design:
    We offer several types of plow designs for different sizes and applications.
  2. Construction Material & Sanitary Finishes:
    We are able to offer our Ribbon Mixers with contact part to be built in Carbon steel, SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless        steel, Hastelloy, etc. Standard of internal and external finish can be adopted to the customer’s needs. For abrasive materials we offer        hardened steel as the contact part. Multiple types of finishes are available also, including sanitary type & even electro-polishing with        proof of passivation.
  3. Feeding & Discharge Options:
    Plow Mixers can have a variety of feeding & discharging methods that match the demands of the filling & production line.
  4. Drive Systems:
    Plow Mixers have a drive system by geared motor, cycloidal reducer, worm reducer, belt or chain transmission, etc.
  5. Heating & Cooling Jackets:
    Plow Mixers are available with jackets for heating / cooling operation, including ASME, ATEX, & CRN certified jackets.
  6. Vacuum Drying & Deaeration:
    Plow Mixers can be designed for vacuum drying & deaerating or for inner pressure working for special applications.
  7. Plow Mixer Spray Nozzles:
    Liquid can be added into the powder by spray nozzles in any of our Ribbon Mixers
  8. Custom Engineered Dimensions:
    Dimensions of our Plow Mixers can be defined according to customer’s requirements.
  9. Plow Mixer Sizes:
    Plow Mixers from 1 to 30000 lit. total volume with bigger size as per request.&More

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