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PerMix Perfects Vertical Mixing With Its PAM Series Vertical Ribbon Mixer

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PerMix Vertical Vacuum Ribbon Mixers

PerMix Vertical Vacuum Ribbon Mixer & Dryer For High Temperature Lab Mixing Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our innovative & performance-based mixing solutions that are affordable & our vertical vacuum ribbon mixers are a perfect example of this. Our vertical vacuum ribbon mixers & dryers are ideal for Lab/R&D applications as […]

PerMix PAM Vertical Vacuum Mixers & Mixers/Dryers

PerMix Engineering Team Presents: The Ultimate Performance & Versatility In Vertical Mixers PerMix has been leading the industry in innovation and engineering, setting the standards others follow since 1954. Our combination of innovation, performance, quality and pricing has made us the most disruptive brand in the industry. Our PAM Vertical Mixers offer the most versatility […]


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