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PerMix Multi-Shaft Mixer

The PerMix MultiShaft Vacuum Mixers are a revolutionary universal multi-processing mixer that is designed to serve a wide variety of industries in many different processes. It provides a unique three-way mixing action by combining slowly running elements with a rapidly running element.

The PerMix MultiShaft Vacuum Mixers, therefore, are not limited to the simple production of emulsions, suspensions and other homogenous products, but covers the entire manufacturing process – from feeding the components to the well-deaerated and ready-for-packaging product.



During operation of the PerMix PMS series MultiShaft Vacuum Mixer, the high speed blade provides high shear to disperse the materials, while the low speed blade keeps feeding the high speed blade by scraping material mass from near the wall.


  1. An increased grinding, dispersion and emulsification of fineness
  2. A stable, homogenous end-product with excellent granule distribution
  3. Extremely short production cycles
  4. The option of producing cold emulsions with installation of the PerMix Stator/Rotor High Shear Mixing Element leading to
    considerable energy savings


The intensive action produced by the elements ensures not only a thorough mixing of the product but also exposes it to the vacuum prevailing in the vessel. The air bubbles in the product being mixed continually rise to the surface, burst under the effect of the vacuum and exit through the vacuum pump.

The ongoing deaeration process increases the chemical stability of the product and prevents unwanted chemical reactions such as oxidation, ensures greater measuring precision on the part of the filling machines, accelerates emulsion formation, and produces a pleasant, smooth and shiny end product.


PerMix Multi-Shaft Mixer Specification