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PerMix Double Planetary

The PerMix Double Planetary Mixers are also called double planetary kneader, because it can be used to handle very viscous materials up to 1,500,000 cPs.

The PerMix double planetary mixer includes two blades that rotate on their own axes, while they orbit the mix vessel (also known as bowl) on a common axis. The mixer bowl may be jacketed for circulation of heating or cooling media, perfect for cook & chill applications as well as volatile mixing where reactions occur and precise temperature control is needed. The double planetary mixer can be designed for operation under pressure or vacuum.


In the mixing process of a Double Planetary Mixer, two vertically mounted mixing tools rotate around a common sun gear. In addition, they rotate at a higher speed around their own axes, according to the planetary principle.

A swinging type scraper continually sweeps the inside wall, transporting material from the walls of the vessel to the mixing tools, and transferring the heat efficiently.


The standard finger-blade mixing tools of the Double Planetary Mixer are designed to work in an overlapping way, thus create strong axial and radial motions in the mix-product, as well as a highly intensive shearing and dispersing effect.

Within a short time, the material is thoroughly mixed and even very difficult formulas may be obtained.

PerMix Double Planetary Specification

The PerMix PDP series Double Planetary Mixer is so versatile that it can be used to mix, knead, stir and deaerate all types of material, including highly viscous pastes, even to granulate wet powders.

Industrial pastes produces by the PerMix PDP series DoublePlanetary Mixer include concentrated paints and varnishes, printing inks, fillers, silicone and thiocole pastes, plastisoles, plastic coatings, synthetic lubricating greases and many other materials.