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PerMix Homogenizer

PerMix PS series High Shear Homogenizers are Top Mount Homogenizers and Bottom Mount Homogenizers that are engineered for batch-type mixing.

When you want to produce stable emulsions and creams, wet and dissolve sticky powder (gums, thickeners, stabilizers), deagglomerate and disperse micro-phase solid ingredients (silicon dioxide, bentonite, titanium dioxide) into liquids without fish-eyes, or other similar tricky tasks, a traditional agitator is usually not able to achieve the expectation. However, the PerMix PS series High Shear Homogenizer Mixer is what you should choose to do the job.

PerMix High Shear Homogenizer Mixers work with a special designed stator/rotor working head. When it works, this stator/rotor head is able to draw the solids and liquids around it into its center, and then push them radially through the stator openings back to the tank.

During this period, the solids and liquids are subject to an action of milling and shearing which is so intensive that they are deagglomerated, homogenized and dispersed into each other even though they are immiscible by traditional agitation.

In the Batch process, the high shear homogenizer is immersed into the liquid. There are many installation methods for the High Shear Homogenizer Mixers, depending if they are top mount or bottom mount.

It can be lifted up by a lifting stand (hydraulic or electric), or it can be installed with flange on the top of a tank, or from its side, or at its bottom. For the vacuum or pressurized tank, the mixer must be equipped with a mechanical shaft sealing.



PerMix High Shear Top Mount Homogenizer Specification