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PerMix Vertical Ribbon Mixers

PerMix Engineering Team Presents: Ribbon Mixers Designed For Small Spaces PerMix has been leading the industry with our engineering & innovation since 1954. We set the standards others follow. Recently we have been featuring our horizontal ribbon mixers, the type that is most common. PerMix also has created a vertical ribbon mixer that gives you […]

PerMix Plow Mixers

PerMix Takes Abrasive Compound Mixing To The Next Level With Our Plow Mixers PerMix Plow Mixers lead the industry in innovation, performance, quality, & overall value. PerMix Plow Mixers are designed to meet the demands of today while keeping in mind the needs of the future.

PerMix Ribbon Mixers

PerMix Engineering Team Presents: Selecting The Right Configuration Of Ribbon Mixers A ribbon mixer consists of a U-shaped horizontal trough and an agitator made of inner and outer helical ribbons which move them radially as well as axially. Blending time is usually less and mix quality is also good. In principle, a ribbon mixer requires […]

PerMix Explosion Proof Mixers

PerMix Engineering Team Presents: Sanitary Mixing In Explosive Atmospheres – PerMix Explosion Proof Mixers Lead The Industry Powders present a unique problem sometimes, creating an explosive atmosphere as sometimes ingredients have properties that have UEL, LOL, & flashpoints, creating hazardous atmospheres & work environments. No one understands the need to create a safe & sanitary […]

PerMix Mixers – A Disruptive Global Brand

PerMix mixers are known as the most disruptive brand in the industry. Our mixing solutions offer the most innovative features, followed by unsurpassed performance, combined with Value Added Engineering & competitive pricing, allow us to set the standards other brands follow.


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